True Christian Living -

We All Need Discernment

It's when we think we don't need it that we can Need it Most!

The following articles on my Blog could make you a little wiser.
I am placing the links in separate groups.

Wisdom with Unbelievers
     Sharing about Jesus, Keeping things Simple, How Constantine affected Christianity

           Christian or Religious, Respecting Others,To be Truly Spiritual

Communicating with People Wisely, Natural Laws and Spiritual Laws

Using Godly Language, Resisting Modern Trends, You Have A Choice

Modifying Character, Why People Clash, Better than Astrology

Christian Life and Healthy Church
     True Ministries and Giftings, What is a Healthy Church?
    Natural and Spiritual Giftings, Everyone has a Ministry.
     Real Fellowship, New Testament Pattern, Jesus have Your Way!
              What Is a Christian Life About, When Things don't Make Sense
       Change in Churches, Follow ME, Salvation and Repentance, Social Gospel, True Grace

Christian Behavior
How Do You Score?
 To be Christlike, Ready for Jesus, Are You Spiritual?

Christian Love, Gossip, Slander, Offense, Answered Prayers.
Christian Conduct, Offending Each-other, The Challenge, Needing Comfort?

Using Godly Language, Resisting Modern Trends, You Have A Choice
Jesus Said Watch and Pray
To ALL of Us
The Hidden Agenda of Our Enemy, What to Do About It, Read This!

Resisting Temptation, Make Safeguards, Spirit of the World
Identifying and Resisting the Enemys Tactics, The Best Way to Do this.

True Nature of God, Stop the Doubts, Acquaint with Him

Physical and Mental Health
and Spiritual Health
Careful with Prescriptions, Medical Induced Maladies, Healthy Choices
Start the Day Rejoicing, Words of Life, Color your Life, Impact of Words, Stresses of life Commenced
Natural and Spiritual Aspects of Health, Do You Want to be Well?
Negative words Effect our Mood, We can Speak Uplifting Words, A Good Way to Live, Encouragements.
Power of Choice, TV Impacts Our Brain, Needing Time Out, Nutrition and Morale
Our Faith is Precious, Personal Image of God, Effect of Negative, Change the Tide

Preachers and Teachings
Causing Concern
Jesus said Follow Me not the preacher, If they fall you can fall,
Preachers let us down Jesus Never!
Reckless Televangelists, True Nature of Prophetic Christians,
Keep Your Joy and Peace

Did Early Christians Tithe? Do Preachers Pressure You?
Find The Real Facts!
Free To Give.

Things You Should Know
About Cults and Christian Sects

New Apostolic Church, A Christian Cult, Strong Belief System!

Jesus is our Prophet Priest and King. The Truth about Branham.

Stay True To Jesus, Different Gospels, We Are Not Exempt.

Muslims Finding Jesus, Christian and Muslim Beliefs
What are Message Believers? The Truth or a Lie? Take Care!