True Christian Living -

We don't need Buildings and Programs - We have JESUS
There are so many ways of reaching those Around Us
Sharing the Life...Hope...Joy and Peace within us
Showing His Love in ways people understand!

Can we really improve on the Pattern Jesus had with His 
Disciples when He sent them out - How can we apply His Way TODAY?

Making a difference to your community on the Home Scene......

The Holy Spirit is  raising up Evangelism in the Community, Market Place and Media 
ie Internet. One good thing in some churches - where Christians are community minded has been Craft Groups or Cafes.  But  He is  further  reaching  than  that_ what's  to stop  you from starting a small Craft Group with the different types of Crafts that are available now? Or you could start a Cooking and Baking Group where you try different Recipes OR maybe even teach certain skills in International Cuisine? People love to be adventurous   with  meals  these days  and there  is a great  interest  in Recipes  from different countries. Whatever interests you the most that you ENJOY will be the most contagious.....usually, it will have some appeal.

Going out to the Highways and the Byways....let them know through Your Talents.

Today the Holy Spirit is raising up Prophetic and Evangelistic believers who go out among the people  to speak into  their hearts and bring  Healings and Miracles, so they're no longer confined  within church walls  or limited to  great Christian  gatherings...... AND.....He is also raising up Life-Style Evangelism where many Christians display GIFTED works of Art and Crafts.......introducing and selling wares of CREATIVE and sometimes very anointed Items. Bring GOD into the Market Place! There are certain laws that prevent us from preaching there but we can bring Him to people in other ways they will much more readily accept.

There are certain ways we can reflect His LOVE, JOY and PEACE through Photos, Paintings, Poems and Writings.... and.... certain Craft-wares can reflect such BEAUTY or INTEREST that those who SEE THEM have to know more! Sometimes, an anointed Painting has been used to transform a person's life in some way OR draw them to  SALVATION. Yes it's true_ I have heard of a few stories like that through the years!

I have two other Web-Sites you would like to see that are really nice! They are:Janet and Jesus for those who love Him....and Inspirations for You....Both these Web-Sites have lots of pleasant Poems and beautiful will ENJOY them....the Holy Spirit inspires me with Poems and Inspirational Web-Sites.If you click on the Links where the names are, it will take you to them!

I did not always have these abilities ~ We don't know what  giftings are in us until we discover them or reach out and explore things.

it's all part of the venture sometimes.

You can suprise yourself ~ I pray that you will.

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