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Our Heart is the Well-Spring of our Life and relates closely to our Garden of Life in Christ Jesus. We need to watch over it daily and monitor what goes into it and out of it. This can include making some protective boundaries too.
Our Spiritual Garden - Kingdom Blessings
All life is comprised of SEEDS we sow into it and seeds sown by others. Jesus told us a parable of the "Kingdom of God" and mentioned different types of Soil. He said that one was choked up with "the cares of life" and on the other hand, there was Good Soil that was really nice for planting Good Seeds_ a good environment for His Words, that yielded 100% the other, that had been overgrown with anxious cares  and  concerns:  unhealthy   thoughts  did   not   yield   much   from   these  "God's Seeds".  You know friends, that parable not only speaks of those who don't know Jesus, but  us  as well  in  effect, because  the Kingdom of God  consists  of  the "Goodness, Peace and Joy  of  His  Spirit", His Word  tells us.......and  also, "the Kingdom of God is within us" and we are the Garden Keepers - as it were. Daily, we need to nurture this garden and weed out any seedlings that don't belong there if  we want  room for the Blessings of God. Look  after  the Joy seeds, the seeds of Peace and He will keep showing His Goodness......then your heart and life will become like a Watered Garden full of Good Things, Peace and Joy. When you're living in this experience, believe me.....that's a real practical application_ it means more than theory. 
So, taking care of our garden means that we need to weed those seedlings each day  so  they  don't  build  up  and  crowd  the  Good  Things  in  your  life.  This  saves  your  life  from becoming complicated and complex. If you try this, you will find your spirit getting stronger; problems will be less in a Healthy Enviroment and you will begin to live in the GOODNESS OF GOD!
Guard your Heart - The Well-Spring of Life 
In certain situations (work or family) it may not be possible to determine ALL that a day or week involves, but we can choose what goes into our spirit and keep watch over our hearts because they are "Our Well-Spring of Life"........"Keep a vigilant watch over  this Well-Spring  for out of it flow the issues of life"  - His Word says -
monitor  what  goes  into it  and what  comes  out of it.  Keep your spirit sweet.
This helps you to stay Above, so you can Reign in Life.....this is part of what it means to Reign in Christ Jesus_ keeping your spirit strong and not allowing those things in our hearts and minds that would weaken our being anxious or  fretful;  gloomy  or resentful;  envious of others;  building negative mindsets; unforgiveness for offenses made........all these things taint and weaken our spirit, and the way we deal with these things determines how truly spiritual we are, how victorious. To live in Victory_ we cannot skip the Basics.
We basically Set the Terrain for our daily lives = living. God can't do it ALL. It's up to us, what we give Him to work with.  When we  "Keep our Spirit Sweet",  the sun (Son) can shine on us....and....we can sense the fresh "Breeze of the Holy Spirit" moving in our hearts and lives.......the Father can feel free to BLESS US. We have discovered  on this Page  why so  many Christians  are not experiencing  the many Blessings His Word speaks of - they're just not evident in the lives of so many.
Blessed Boundaries
When engaged in conversation
that attempts to weigh you down
remind them of the scriptures
before they make you frown.
We should order our conversation
to see the Salvation of The Lord
It should be pleasing to the hearers
a blessing we could afford.
So if you want to talk to me
then you'd be truly wise
if you refrain from negativity
and reports of strife.
I'll be careful not to lend my ears
to endless talk that leads to tears.
Because I value the Peace within me
it's a precious gift from Jesus
He gives to keep us Free.
Janet Vargas  © Oct 2013
Time for Change
You've made my life unrestful
you really ought to know
with your discontents
your perception has been slow.
Each time you share your hardships
it casts shadows on my day.
Where are the days that we once had
that used to make me glad?
You've become so serious
why don't you offload on God?
His shoulders are much bigger than mine
He has more energy and the time
to hear your needs but also make free.
Please choose Him next time instead of me
for I have challenges too
I was not meant to be in your shoes
I'd like to rest where skies are blue.
My heart used to be so free in God
while walking on this earthly sod.
I'm making a choice to return once more
would you like to join me
it's like pleasant shores?
If not my friend, I must go my way
to find myself some better days.
Janet Vargas  © Oct 2013
Choose Wisely
Once I had some friendships
that went like sour grapes
They used to be so sweet they really were a treat.
Take care with whom you share your secrets
and aspirations in life
Make sure it is a proven friend who will not give you strife.
If life becomes too much for them
do not your confidence lend
for their moods can be unstable
even at your table.
Make them a casual acquaintance
and do not give them entrance
to the inner circle of your heart
be careful from the start
to see their true nature not just at their best
Make sure they are consistent so you have rest.
And if you can trust them you're truly blessed
you've found a friend indeed.
Janet Vargas  © Oct 2013
 It's alright to have a listening ear if you listen
to your needs as well.  ©
Our lives are made up with attitudes and relationships
it makes our load lighter if we take care what friends we
make or set effective boundaries.

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